Saturday, November 4, 2017

Nature offers a key to happiness

Leading a naturally healthy lifestyle with good nutrition, daily exercise, and adequate rest along with avoidance of drugs and alcohol generally helps in the search for happiness. Researchers have found that spending time in nature also generally nurtures happiness.  

The University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus has reported that the best in people can be brought out with time spent in nature. Holli-Anne Passmore, a UBC researcher, says there’s a lot of truth to the concept that spending time outdoors is associated with happiness. Passmore has said people can increase their general happiness and well-being by simply taking some time to notice the nature which surrounds them.

It has been documented scientifically that people generally seem happier and they may live longer when they live in greenspaces. This study has been published in The Journal of Positive Psychology. The study offers empirical support for the idea that involvement in nature offers an effective positive psychology intervention. So next time you feel sad try to find sometime to spend in nature.